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Why do we use Babe Hair Extensions at Studio Taka?

Babe Hair has been voted the #1 professional extension brand by many industry magazines. It is simply the best quality extensions available today. At Studio Taka, we want to provide the best to our clients.


Babe Hair only uses the best quality 100% human Remy (highest quality) hair so you can style Babe Hair extensions alongside your own hair while adding lots of volume and length. Easily curl or straighten, you can wear your Babe Hair extensions just about any way you would like! Just remember to use a thermal protecting product while using heat tools.

CLICK HERE to view all the awards Babe Hair has received>

Why do we only use the Tape-In extensions?

We have chosen the Tape-In extensions because its seamless finish is like no other. Due to the revolutionary design, the application time is around only one hour (the initial installation, the reinstallation could take around two hours)  saving you precious time and money. The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair so it won't weaken until you are ready to remove it with the special Tape-In bond remover. Other methods require plastic or metal hardware to secure the extensions. This could be problematic for a few different reasons:


1. The metal or plastic hardware can cut into your hair and could result in mild to severe breakage. 

2. The hardware could be visible to others. 

3. The hardware could cause discomfort while sleeping because they press up against your head. 

4. The installation and reinstallation could take up to 3-5 hours therefore, the maintenance cost will be very high. It could cost $600-$800* every 8 weeks, as opposed to $360-$400* for the Tape-Ins. *based on a 4 set installation


At Studio Taka, we have spent a lot of time and effort in choosing the best brand for our extension services. In our opinion, the Tape-In extensions by Babe Hair offer by far the highest quality because of the craftsmanship and the Remy hair used. We are proud to feature Babe Hair Extensions because we believe our clients are receiving the best hair extension services possible while being able to offer an excellent value for their time and money.

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